DLB 2000

Air conditioning

The DLB 2000, well established in practice, ensures fully automated regulation of rel. humidity with maximum stability. The input of the required rel. humidity and setting of the temperature take place using a touchscreen display.

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Adjustable relative humidity from 20 to 80 %
  • Highest stability of relative humidity 0.2 %
  • Easy handling by touch screen
  • External control analogue 0 - 5 V
  • Huge water supply tank
  • Easy refilling of water
  • Reliable function
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces your operating costs!

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Accurate regulation of rel. humidity for test rigs, e.g.
    • filter testing
    • active carbon filter testing
    • bioaerosol measuring device testinn
    • dust measuring device testing
    • etc.
  • Conditioning of the dispersion air for the RBG 1000 and RBG 2000 dust dispersers (the instruction manual of the dust dispersers has to be followed).
  • Laboratory experiments with special requirements for the stability of rel. humidity.
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Technical features

In detail

Volume flow
10 – 60 Nl/min (others on request)
Analog (0 – 5 V (set point)0 – 5 V (measured humidity))
Power supply
115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum counter pressure
0,5 barg Überdruck
20% – 80% (+/- 0.2% at 23 °C)
Water supply
1 l deionised water
280 • 320 • 460 mm (H • W • D)
Approx. 16 kg

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