Software FTControl - for the filter testing with welas digital
Software for filter testing

The FTControl software is used for the reliable and economic performance of filter tests and fractional separation efficiency measurements with the welas® digital and Promo®optical aerosol spectrometer.

The FTControl software gives users special advantages, including individually programmable sequences for fractional separation efficiency measurement. A simple menu navigation system guides the user through the measurement program, and the results are automatically calculated and displayed.

Individual test rig components, such as volume flow controls, aerosol generators, and a measuring point switch, can be controlled using the integrated test rig control system, resulting in fully automated filter tests.

Palas® software solutions in particle measurement technology, filter testing, and test rig control are based on our many years of experience. They have been continuously optimized and further developed in close collaboration with our international customers based on their requirements.

As a result, Palas® software is efficient and provides many advantages in daily applications.

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Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Optimal information content:
    • Display and comparison of fractional separation efficiency
    • Averaging of fractional separation efficiency
    • Display and comparison of pressure loss curves and retention during the loading of filters over time
  • Display and comparison of particle size distributions, e.g., number, volume, mass distribution
  • All displays in the diagram and table form
  • Output of test reports (printer, PDF file, Excel export)
  • Option to control entire filter test rigs
  • Sequence program for
    • fractional separation efficiency measurement
    • Service life measurement
    • Pressure loss measurement
  • Individual test procedures
    • Filter testing as per EN 779
    • ISO 5011, ISO DIS 19713-1 and -2
    • Upon the request of the customer
  • Also, able to be used with other particle measuring devices
  • Acquisition and analysis in 1-s cycles
  • Easy installation
  • Clear structure
  • Short processing times
  • Easy to operate
  • Regular updates via the Internet free of charge
  • Unlimited copies for various workstations within a company
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses

Individual solutions for various industries

Determination of separation efficiency of

  • Car interior filters
  • Engine air filters
  • Ambient air filters
  • Compressed air filters
  • HEPA filters
  • Vacuum cleaner filters
  • Cleanable filters
  • Electrofilters
  • Oil separators
  • Cooling lubricant separators
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Cyclones and other separators
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Technical features

In detail

Operating system
Windows® 7, Windows® 10
Min. Pentium I5, 2000 MHz
User memory
From 4 GB
Screen resolution
15.6" (min.1600 • 900 for Notebooks), 24" (min. 1920 • 1080 for PCs)
Measurement devices
welas® digital System, U-SMPS System, Promo® System

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