Nanoparticle Measuring Devices

Measurement of the number concentration and particle size distribution of ultrafine aerosols ≥ 2 nm in the environment and in technical applications

In addition to particle size and particle concentration determination in gases, Palas GmbH has also been engaged for decades now in measurability, i.e. the enlargement of ultrafine particles through condensation. The principle of operation of our new condensation particle counter and its associated advantages have been patented.

At the same time, Palas GmbH has remained involved with the discharge and/or measurement of electrically charged aerosols.

Based on this knowledge, we have succeeded in developing new measurement systems for determining the particle concentration and particle size of nanoscale particles within the size range of approx. 2 to 1000 nm. These new measuring devices provide special advantages with respect to accuracy, use, and handling.

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