Nanoparticle Measuring Devices » UF-CPC System

Determination of number concentration of ultra fine aerosols from 4 to 10,000 nm by condensation to 106 particles/cm3 in single count mode

One of the outstanding features of the UF-CPC series is its option of using different condensation fluids in the same device: 1-butanol (standard) or distilled water. This UF-CPC, with its innovative method of supplying the condensation fluid, is patent-protected. The condensation process makes the nanoscale particles measurable.

In addition to quantity, the UF-CPC measures condensed particles' droplet size, thus providing additional information about the condensation process. With the UF-CPC series, concentrations of up to 106 particles/cm3 can be measured in single-count mode with an accuracy of 5 % and – in photometer mode – up to 107 particles/cm3 with an accuracy of 10 %. UF-CPC systems can optionally also be used to measure chemically aggressive aerosols.

In combination with an upstream classifier, the DEMC, the size distribution of an aerosol can be determined quickly and reliably.

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