UF-CPC 100

Condensation particle counter for number concentration up to 105particles/cm3 (single count mode) and 107 particles/cm3 (photometric mode)


UF-CPC 100

Condensation particle counter for number concentration up to 105particles/cm3 (single count mode) and 107 particles/cm3 (photometric mode)

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The Palas® UF-CPC 100 is a butanol-based nanoparticle counter with high efficiency. It measures the number concentrations of ultrafine particles (UFP) in aerosols. Model 100 is designed for concentrations up to 105 particles/cm3. This makes it very suitable for determining the particle concentrations of aerosols, not only in ambient air but also for synthetically produced aerosols, for example, for measuring the efficiency of filter media. In nephelometer mode, measurements up to 2 · 107 particles/cm³ are possible. The counter can be easily combined with the Palas® size classifiers (Scanning Mobility Particle Spectrometer / Mobility Particle Size Spectrometer).

The patented evaporator and condensation module is maintenance-free. This allows continuous operating times of up to one year - unique.

Condensation particle counter for number concentration up to 107 particles/cm3 (photometric mode)

The aerosol is fed directly to the evaporator unit by the internally adjustable and controlled diaphragm pump, saturated with the working liquid n-butanol. The butanol flows in a spiral trough inside the cylinder to the base of the evaporator. The unevaporated residue is pumped back into the reservoir by a second pump. This actively ensures permanent saturation of the evaporator while preventing deposits from forming on the inner walls.

In contrast to a control with a critical nozzle, contamination of the system cannot lead to a drop in volume flow. This is particularly important for long-term measurements. The user can also calibrate the volume flow.

The condensed particles are detected by an optical sensor, which determines the concentrations and size distribution of the condensed particles. This enables simple and efficient quality control.

The system is typically delivered with a cut-off D50 = 4.5 nm (measured with generated and selected NaCl particles). Others are adjustable and can be used optionally.

In the expert mode for research, the user can adjust various parameters to individual needs via the 7" touch screen.

The UF-CPC system supports a standardized interface with various protocol selection options, such as Modbus or ASCII protocol, for process monitoring applications. All measured data, including the corresponding settings, is stored directly on the device. Thus, the data can be accessed and visualized directly at any time.


An air-conditioned weatherproof housing is available for the system.


  • The UF-CPC 100 can count up to 2 • 106 particles/cm3 in single count mode, depending on the sensor in use (able to be switched out by the user).
  • Integrated computer with 7'' touch screen
  • Intuitive user interface with sophisticated software for data analysis
  • Integrated data logger
  • Unlimited network compatibility that supports remote control and data storage on the Internet
  • Integrated interface for process control applications


Measurement range (number CN) 105 particles/cm3 (single count mode), 105 – 107 particles/cm3 (nephelometric mode)
Measurement range (size) 4 – 10,000 nm
Volume flow 0.9 l/min (butanol); adjustable 0.3 – 1 l/min for other working fluids (and research applications)
Data acquisition Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Light source LED
User interface Touchscreen, 800 • 480 pixel, 7" (17.78 cm)
Data logger storage 4 GB
Software PDAnalyze
Accuracy 5% (single count mode), 10% (nephelometric mode)
Response time t90 < 2.8 s, t90–10 < 2.0 s
Operation liquid 1-butanol
Installation conditions +10 – +30 °C (others on demand)
Dimensions 290 • 240 • 350 mm (H • W • D)

Case Studies

  • Aerosol research
  • Testing of filters and air purifiers
  • Environmental measurements
  • Workplace exposure and occupational safety studies
  • Studies concerning inhalation and health impacts
  • Process control
  • Printer emission studies


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