Software for management and particle size and concentration analysis of all stand-alone particle measuring devices


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Software for management and particle size and concentration analysis of all stand-alone particle measuring devices


The PDAnalyze software is designed for the acquisition of measurement values and data analysis by all stand-alone particle measuring devices. It enables quick and easy analysis of particle sizes and concentrations using Promo, Promo mobile, Fidas, Fidas mobile, UF-CPC, U-SMPS, and U-RANGE

The PDAnalyze software provides special advantages for the analysis and comparison of concentration and particle size distributions using various types of displays and a uniform operating concept, regardless of the measuring device in use. In addition, it is also possible to set up a remote connection to measuring devices, which can be used to download measurement files and control measuring devices remotely.


  • Optimal information content
    • Display of distributions in diagram and table form: Number, area, volume, concentration (number and mass)
    • Time sequence of fine dust values
    • Comparison of multiple distributions in one diagram
    • Display, time sequence, and analysis of 24 statistical values
  • Acquisition and analysis in as little as 1 s
  • Rapid incorporation due to uniform interface, even with various measuring devices
  • Color plotting for representative display of measurement results
  • Clear structure
  • Regular updates via the Internet free of charge
  • Easy data export to text file that can also be imported into Excel.
  • Easy installation on the PC
  • Unlimited copies for various workstations within a company
  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses


Operating system Windows® 7, Windows® 10
Processor Min. Pentium I5, 2000 MHz
User memory ab 4 GB
Screen resolution 15,6", mindestens 1600 • 900 für Notebooks
24", mindestens 1920 • 1080 für PCs
Measurement devices CPC System, U-SMPS System, Promo® System, Fidas® System


  • Particle measurement and particle size analysis
  • Comparing distributions from 5 nm to 100 µm
  • Evaluation of emission and immission measurements
  • Analysis of long-term measurements over days or months
  • Analysis of measurements by optical aerosol spectrometers, fine dust measuring devices, nanoparticle measuring devices
  • Optical processing of measurement data for use in presentations


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