PMPD 100

Dilution system ejector for the PMP application with dilution factor 1:100


PMPD 100: Ejektor Verdünnungssystem, Ejektorprinzip,  Partikelgrößenverteilung

PMPD 100

Dilution system ejector for the PMP application with dilution factor 1:100

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The PMPD 100 dilution system is a dilution system according to the ejector principle that was especially developed for the PMP application or the PMP measurement chain. The PMPD 100 achieves a dilution factor of 1:000 (see Figure 1) by means of a thermodiluter up to 200°C.

PMPD 100_Skizze_eng.jpg  

Fig. 1: PMPD 100

The PMPD dilution systems offer all the advantages of the other Palas® product series of ejector diluters, e.g. a temporally constant dilution factor.

The suitability of the PMPD 100 for the PMP measurement chain was confirmed at the METAS Institute in Switzerland ( see measurement report no. 235-10383 ).

Representative dilution of particle size distribution of the Palas® dilution systems by cascading

VDI report no. 1973 from 2007 proved metrologically that a reproducible aerosol dilution is possible with the Palas® dilution systems down to VF 100,000.

characteristics dilution systems.JPG (2)

Table 1:  Technical characteristics of Palas® dilution systems


  • The dilution systems from Palas® are characterized unambiguously. This is documented with a calibration certificate for each individual device.
  • The dilution steps for the PMPD series deliver a temporally constant, representative dilution with the factors 100 and 1000.
  • Low compressed air consumption (e.g. just 96 l/min. for a dilution factor of 1000 with four VKL 10 systems)
  • The dilution steps are combinable with all common particle counters.


Isokinetic suction nozzles 2 – 5 l/min
Maximum particle size < 10 µm
Thermodynamic conditions for dilution ≤ 400°C
Volume flow (clean air) 36 – 90 l/min (heated to 200 °C)
Volume flow (suction flow) 2 – 5 l/min
Compressed air supply 4 – 8 bar
Dilution factor 1 : 100
Power supply 115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Special features Evaporation of volatile elements for exhaust emission measurements according to VPR Calibration Procedure AEA/ED 47382/Issue 5 (Volatile Particle Removal Efficiency), chemical resistant, heated to 200 °C


Dilution system for PMP measurement chain


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