PMPD 100

Dilution system ejector for the PMP application with dilution factor 1:100

The PMPD 100 dilution system is according to the ejector principle specially developed for the PMP application or the PMP measurement chain.

In the PMPD 100, volatile particles are vaporized using a thermodilution up to 200 °C. The dilution factor is 1:100 (see Figure 1). A dilution factor 1:100 (see Figure 1) is achieved by cascading 2 x dilution factor 10.
Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • The dilution systems from Palas® are characterized unambiguously. This is documented with a calibration certificate for each individual device
  • The dilution steps for the PMPD series deliver a temporally constant, representative dilution with the factors 100 and 1000
  • Low compressed air consumption (e.g., just 96 l/min. for a dilution factor of 1000 with four VKL 10 systems)
  • The dilution steps are combinable with all common particle counters

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Dilution system for PMP measurement chain
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Technical features

In detail

Isokinetic suction nozzles
2 – 5 l/min
Maximum particle size
< 10 µm
Thermodynamic conditions for dilution
≤ 400°C
Volume flow (clean air)
36 – 90 l/min (heated to 200 °C)
Volume flow (suction flow)
2 – 5 l/min
Compressed air supply
4 – 8 bar
Dilution factor
1 : 100
Power supply
115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Special features
Evaporation of volatile elements for exhaust emission measurements according to VPR Calibration Procedure AEA/ED 47382/Issue 5 (Volatile Particle Removal Efficiency), chemical resistant, heated to 200 °C

More information about PMPD 100

Brief Description

Brief product description in two-pages as PDF

Product Description

Detailed product description as PDF

Measurement Report No 235-10383 PMPD 100

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