RBG 1000 ID

RBG 100 ID
Seperate dispersing unit and control unit , pressure-resistant up to 3 bar overpressure, optional vacuum operation from 300 mbar (absolute pressure)
The dispersion unit and the electrical control unit can be set up up to 2 m apart from each other.

The return speed for container changeover is optimized on the RBG 1000 I and is faster than on the other RBG variants. It is only approx. 1 minute.

Optional operation with low pressure from 300 mbar absolute is possible.

The feedstock reservoirs with a 7, 10, 14, or 20 mm diameter are pressure-resistant.

For operation with low pressure, special pressure-resistant feedstock reservoirs are needed. Their piston is strongly connected to the feeding unit by a claw. This enables an undisturbed operation with low pressure. Old RBG models can be upgraded with this function by Palas®.

The 28 mm diameter feedstock reservoir is not pressure resistant, but can be used in the RBG 1000 ID when dosing in atmospheric conditions.

In the RBG 1000 D pressure-resistant version, compressed air is used as the disgerger gas. Operation with nitrogen or other inert gases is not permitted.

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Pressure resistant up to 3 barg overpressure
  • Optional: negative pressure operation from 300 mbar absolute, remote control or computer control
  • Highest short-term and long-term dosing consistency
  • Disperses practically all non-cohesive dusts
  • Easy exchange of different solids containers and dispersion lids
  • Easy determination and adjustment of mass flow
  • Pulse operation
  • Easy cleaning of the unit
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Reliable function
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces your operating costs

Individual solutions for various industries

  • All applications pressure-resistant up to 3 barg overpressure
  • Dispersion of radioactive substances
  • Dispersion of pharmaceutical powders
  • Filter industry:
    • Determination of fractional separation efficiency
    • Determination of total separation efficiency
    • Long-term dusting
    • Filter media and ready-made filters
    • Dust removal filters
    • Vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner filters
    • Car interior filters
    • Engine air filters
  • Calibration of particle measurement devices
  • Flow visualization
  • Inhalation tests
  • Tracer particles for LDA, PIV, etc.
  • Coating of surfaces
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Technical features

In detail

Volume flow
0.5 – 5.0 m3/h
Approx. 19 kg
Particle material
Non-cohesive powders and bulks
Dosing time
Several hours nonstop
Maximum particle number concentration
Ca. 107 particles/cm3
Mass flow (particles)
0.04 – 430 g/h (with an assumed compacted density of 1 g/cm3)
Particle size range
0.1 – 100 µm
Carrier/dispersion gas
4 – 8 bar
Maximum counter pressure
0.2 barg
Feed rate
5 – 700 mm/h
Compressed air connection
Quick coupling
Reservoir inner diameter
7, 10, 14, 20, 28 mm
Filling height
70 mm
Dispersion cover
Type A, type B, type C, type D
Aerosol outlet connection
Dispersion cover type A: Øinside= 5 mm, Øoutside = 8 mmDispersion cover type B: Øinside= 3.6 mm, Øoutside = 6 mmDispersion cover type: Øinside= 2.5 mm, Øoutside = 6 mm
Power supply
115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Filling quantity
2.7 g (reservoir Ø = 7 mm), 5.5 g (reservoir Ø = 10 mm), 10.8 g (reservoir Ø
= 14 mm), 22 g (reservoir Ø = 20 mm), 43 g (reservoir Ø = 28 mm)
Dispersion unit: 430 • 300 • 180 mm (H • W • D)

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