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Your rental service for environmental technology

Do you have an additional, short-term air quality measurement task but do not currently have a sufficient number of devices? Would you like to use devices specifically for a several-month project and have planned the budget accordingly? You do not want to compromise on the quality of the measurement data?

Then you have come to the right place!

As a leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision instruments for generating, measuring, and characterizing airborne particles, we are your competent partner - also for instrument rental & supporting services such as product training or regular report generation for your project.

Whether technologically leading and certified fine dust and nanoparticle measuring instruments or associated (cloud) software solutions. We are happy to support you with our products and services.

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Demolition & Remediation

Demolition & Remediation

  • Fine dust measurement at the governmental level
  • Notification of limit value violations
  • Intuitive data management via our Palas "MyAtmosphere" cloud

Smart City Initiatives

Smart City Initiatives

  • Ideal (temporary) supplement to official measurement networks
  • Establishment of hybrid sensor networks - with certified measuring devices from Palas®
  • Easy integration into Smart City infrastructure via API and LoRaWan



  • Highest measurement data quality & reliability
  • Robust measuring devices for demanding environmental conditions
  • Easy installation of the measuring devices on site

Landfill & Industrial Sites

Landfill & Industrial Sites

  • Useful addition to passive collectors
  • Easy documentation via our "MyAtmosphere" cloud
  • Improved public communication via website widgets
Measurement technology
PM1 PM2.5 PM4 PM10 TSP CN particle size distribution ambient pressure ambient temperature rel. ambient humidity SO2 CO NO2 O3 TVOC CO2 average diameter X50 LDSA (Lung Deposited Surface Area)
MCERTS ind. for PM2.5 and PM10
PM1 PM2.5 PM4 PM10 TSP CN particle size distribution ambient pressure ambient temperature rel. ambient humidity
CO2 TVOC Air Quality Index source indication (estimation of the carbon-based PM fraction (PMx_CE))
QAL1/EN16450 for PM2,5 and PM10


MyAtmosphere was developed by Palas and is a modern environmental measurement system for smart cities and large areas such as industrial plants or construction sites. Palas measuring devices can be easily and flexibly connected to a measuring network via the cloud-based data platform, and the collected data can be managed and analyzed. Regardless of the area in which the air quality is to be measured and monitored: Via the data platform, users can see current and precise measurement results, which are processed and visualized in real-time, allowing them to derive the necessary measures, quickly, and without any effort.

Interval of data acquisition
1 minute (moving average selectable)
Data storage

1-minute average for 24 hours, 15-minute average for 2 years

Data evaluation
Graphs with hourly and daily average (selectable)
Measurement location
Acquisition of the device location
Monitoring of device status
Online/offline (internet connection)
Up to one week. Automatic recovery without data loss in the event of an interruption of the mobile phone connection
Alarm options
Configurable and customizable with automatic email messaging
Data access
Download option (svg, png, csv)
and much more

Rental period

Package S
shorter than 4 weeks
Package M
4 weeks up to 12 months
Package XL
longer than 12 month, shorter than 36 months

Only for EU countries.

Optional services

  • API for MyAtmosphere Cloud
  • Reporting: creation and sending of a standardized weekly or monthly report based on your measurement data
  • Compact training for our measuring devices and our MyAtmosphere Cloud
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