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Aerosol sensors for the welas® digital 1000 and Promo® 1000 aerosol spectrometer

The welas® digital 1000 aerosol sensors can measure particles in a range 120 nm to 40 µm reliably and precisely in terms of their size and associated concentration.

The particularly powerful xenon high pressure lamp with very high light intensity and the photomultiplier to receive the scattered-light signals are integrated directly in the aerosol sensor for this purpose. This technique offers the bast size resolution, the best classification accuracy and a particularly low detection limit of down to 120 nm.

The size of measurement volume is crucial for coincidence-free particle size and particle number measurement. The welas® aerosol sensors are equipped with various sizes of measurement volumes and can therefore be optimized for particular particle concentrations for coincidence-free measurement. This offers the advantage of a high particle rate and therefore a good statistical confidence level in various concentration ranges.

Differences of aerosol sensors welas®1000

welas® 1100
welas® 1200
Particle size range
0.12 – 3 µm
0.2 – 10 µm
0.3 – 17 µm
0.6 – 40 µm
0.12 – 3 µm
0.2 – 10 µm
0.3 – 17 µm
0.6 – 40 µm
Concentration range
0 – 5 • 105 particles/cm3
0 – 5 • 104 particles/cm3


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