Filter Media Test Rigs » APM system

Automatic test rig for measurement of the particle penetration through permeable materials (e.g. protective clothing )

  • Practical test for protective materials
  • Measurement of particle penetration without forced throughflow
  • Research and development of permeability materials
In many applications, the determination of the particle penetration through protective clothing is an important factor in the selection of the required material. In contrast to air filters, which have a "forced flow" of a certain air volume flow passed through them, the particle penetration through protective clothing depends among other things on how much air passes through the clothing under certain ambient conditions.

The test rig APM 2003 was constructed and supplied by Palas® especially for investigation of particle penetration through fabrics and other permeable materials.

With this test rig concept, the flow over the material under testing is designed in a realistic manner and is made up – as required either fully or optionally (through replacement of the inflow module) – of different angles.

The particularly versatile test rig is equipped with a removable sample holder, which can be modified for various applications. Another advantage is the option of operating the APM 2005 with various aerosol generators. The test material can be tested as required with droplets, salts or dusts.

As a result, with this test setup it is also possible to test filter media or entire filters instead of the protective clothing fabric.

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