Filter Test Rigs » DFP system

Test rig for testing filters and filter media under overpressure up to 7 bar

  • Testing of complete filters better than ISO 12500
  • Testing of filter media
  • Determination of the drainage amount during burdening

With the DFP series, Palas® offers high-precision testing systems for the development and quality control of compressed air filters and filter media. From HEPA qualities with high separating efficiency to pre-filtering qualities, the test rigs in the DFP series deliver clear, fast and therefore cost-effective testing results.

The clear determination of the fraction separation efficiency is performed highly accurately via the aerosol spectrometer Promo® 3000 P. The Promo® 3000 P is the only optical aerosol spectrometer worldwide capable of isobaric measurements – i.e. directly under overpressure up to 10 bar – of particle size and particle concentration. This rules out the possibility of the particle size or concentration being changed via a pressure reduction element, e.g. by a diffuser.

With the DFP 3000, it is possible to measure the fraction separation efficiency with droplets at overpressure up to 7 bar or with dust at overpressure of up to 3 bar.

The simple layout with clearly characterized components enables fast and cost-effective filter testing under overpressure.

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