Air Quality Monitors for Indoor Air » Fidas® Frog System

Compact fine dust measurement system with removable control panel for indoor and workplace measurements

The Fidas® Frog uses the recognized measurement technology of optical light scattering of single particles. The patented T-aperture technology and digital signal processing guarantee optimally accurate particle measurement (PM values, particle number, particle size distribution) with a high time resolution, even at high concentrations. The sensor and the evaluation routines of the Fidas® Frog are also used in the Fidas® 200, which is certified for monitoring of PM2.5 and PM10 in ambient air by TÜV/Umweltbundesamt and which have been validated in comprehensive comparison campaigns versus the gravimetric reference method.

The Fidas® Frog is light and compact, has got a long operational time on battery up to 8 hours, can be easily and intuitively operated via the wireless panel directly at the device or from safe distance and is equipped with a camera for extended documentation of a measurement.


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