MFP 3000 C

Version for testing filter media better than DIN 71460 and ISO 11155-1 road vehicle interior filters


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MFP 3000 C

Version for testing filter media better than DIN 71460 and ISO 11155-1 road vehicle interior filters


Version MFP 3000 C is especially tailored to the requirements of the DIN 71460 and 'ISO 11155-1 Road vehicle interior filters' measurement procedures.

Aerosol generation with RBG 1000 G (DIN 71460) and AGK 2000 (ISO TS11155-1):

The dosing air for the RBG 1000 G and AGK 2000 solid particle aerosol generators is regulated with a mass flow controller. This ensures the same operating conditions are always maintained.

DLB 2000 compressed air humidifier for the dispersion air:

Dry compressed air is normally used for aerosol generation, whereby, at the very low volume flows in filter media testing, the rel. humidity of the test volume flow can drop considerably. The DLB 2000 compressed air humidifier can condition the rel. humidity and temperature of the RBG 1000 dispersion air precisely to the required values and thus minimises the influence of rel. humidity on the dust holding capacity to be measured.

Aerosol inlet and aerosol neutralization on MFP 3000 C:

The aerosol inlet on the MFP 3000 C is equipped with a corona discharge to neutralize the test aerosol and ensures a homogeneous distribution of the test aerosol in the raw gas channel. The simple construction allows rapid replacement of the aerosol generator and the raw gas channel is easy to clean.

welas® 2100 aerosol sensors:

The welas® 2100 high concentration sensors ensure unambiguous and coincidence-free fractional separation efficiency measurement with very good count statistics at the specified concentration of 75 mg/m3 'ISO A2 Fine dust'. These sensors are also fitted with a special aerosol guide that minimises contamination of the internal optics.


Various differential pressure levels can be set in the filter media test sequence program for loading in accordance with DIN 71460. The clear definition of the test parameters in the pre-programmable sequence programs ensure very high level comparability of the results.


  • Virtually simultaneous particle measurement in the raw gas and clean gas
  • Particle size measurements from 0.2 – 40 µm
  • Measurement of Cn max= 105 particles/cm3 without dilution
  • Internationally comparable measurement results
  • Widespread distribution of the measurement system
  • High reproducibility of the testing method
  • Easy use of different test aerosols, e.g. SAE Fine and Coarse, NaCl/KCl, DEHS
  • Highest raw gas concentrations of up to > 100 mg/m3 (ISO Fine) or > 500 mg/m3 (ISO Coarse) with measurement of the fraction separation efficiency for burden tests
  • Flexible filter test software FTControl
  • Sequence programs for pressure loss measurements, measurements of fraction separation efficiency and burden measurements
  • Easy to operate, even untrained personnel can be instructed quickly in the use of the equipment
  • Short set-up times
  • Cleaning and calibration can be performed autonomously by the customer
  • Easy use of the measurement technology components – even in other applications
  • Mobile setup, easy to move on castors
  • Reliable operation
  • Validation of the clear function of individual components and the overall system during pre-delivery acceptance testing and upon delivery
  • Low-maintenance
  • The unit will reduce your operating costs


Measurement range (size)

0.2 – 40 µm
Volume flow

1 – 35 m3/h (suction mode)

680 • 2,500 • 1,550 mm (W • H • D)
Inflow velocity 5 – 100 cm/s (others on request)
Differential pressure measurement

0 – 5,000 Pa
Test area of the medium

100 cm²
Aerosols Dusts (e. g. SAE dusts), salts (e. g. NaCl, KCl), liquid aerosols (e. g. DEHS)
Aerosol concentrations
For SAE Fine without additional dilution up to 1,000 mg/m3 (ISO A2 Fine)
Compressed air supply

6 – 8 bar


  • Testing of filter media and small filter elements in product development and during production monitoring.
  • Testing option based on ISO 11155-1 / DIN 71460-1 (cabin air filters).


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