MFP 3000 C

Version for testing filter media better than DIN 71460 and ISO 11155-1 road vehicle interior filters

Version MFP 3000 C is specially tailored to the requirements of the DIN 71460 and 'ISO 11155-1 Road vehicle interior filters measurement procedures.

Norms and certificates

National and international standards

ISO 5011 ISO/TS 19713 DIN 71460 ISO 11155-1 EN 779 ASHARE 52.2 ISO 16890

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Virtually simultaneous particle measurement in the raw gas and clean gas
  • Particle size measurements from 0.2 – 40 µm
  • Measurement of Cn max= 105 particles/cm3 without dilution
  • Internationally comparable measurement results
  • Widespread distribution of the measurement system
  • High reproducibility of the testing method
  • Easy use of different test aerosols, e.g. SAE Fine and Coarse, NaCl/KCl, DEHS
  • Highest raw gas concentrations of up to > 100 mg/m3 (ISO Fine) or > 500 mg/m3 (ISO Coarse) with measurement of the fraction separation efficiency for burden tests
  • Flexible filter test software FTControl
  • Sequence programs for pressure loss measurements, measurements of fraction separation efficiency and burden measurements
  • Easy to operate, even untrained personnel can be instructed quickly in the use of the equipment
  • Short set-up times
  • Cleaning and calibration can be performed autonomously by the customer
  • Easy use of the measurement technology components – even in other applications
  • Mobile setup, easy to move on castors
  • Reliable operation
  • Validation of the clear function of individual components and the overall system during pre-delivery acceptance testing and upon delivery
  • Low-maintenance
  • The unit will reduce your operating costs

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Testing of filter media and small filter elements in product development and during production monitoring.
  • Testing option based on ISO 11155-1 / DIN 71460-1 (cabin air filters).
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Technical features

In detail

Measurement range (size)
0.2 – 40 µm
Measurement range (mass)
Up to 1,000 mg/m³ (depending on the version)
Volume flow
1 – 35 m3/h - suction mode
Inflow velocity
5 cm/s – 1 m/s (others on request)
Differential pressure measurement
0 – 1,200 Pa selectable, 0 – 2,500 Pa selectable, 0 – 5,000 Pa selectable
Dusts (e.g., SAE dusts), salts (e.g., NaCl, KCl), liquid aerosols (e.g., DEHS)
Compressed air supply
6 – 8 bar
Test area of the medium
100 cm2
2.500 • 680 • 1.550 mm (H • B • T)

More information about MFP 3000 C

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Product Description

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