MMTC 2000 E

Stainless steel version for temperatures up to 70°C


Filterprüfstand, Filtermedienprüfstand, Filterprüfsystem, Filtermedien, Staubdispergierung, Dichtigkeitsprüfung,  Aerosol, Mess- und Regeltechnik

MMTC 2000 E

Stainless steel version for temperatures up to 70°C


In this version, the filter holder MMTC 2000 E is made of V2A in order to cover a higher temperature range.


  • Internationally comparable measurement results thanks to the widespread use of the MMTC 2000 measurement system
  • High reproducibility of the testing method
  • Different dusts from real applications can be used
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the raw gas concentration
  • Simulation of the so-called garland effect
  • Suitable for in-situ measurements
  • Online measurements of the particle size and particle concentration with the light scattering spectrometer welas® digital
  • MMTC 2000 EHF: This test rig can be heated to 250°C; the relative humidity can be set to levels up to 80% (at a temperature of 90°C).
  • Lightweight, small and mobile design
  • Easy handling, easy cleaning
  • Quick set-up time when changing the filter or test dust
  • Validation of the clear function of individual components and the overall system during pre-delivery acceptance testing
  • Reliable operation
  • Short set-up times, extremely low-maintenance
  • The unit will reduce your operating costs


Volume flow 1 – 5.5 m3/h (others on request, suction mode)
Power supply 120/230 V, 2A (single phase connection)
Dimensions Approx. 1,200 • 630 • 1,700 mm (H • W • D)
Powder Disperser RBG 2000 für nicht kohäsive Pulver und Stäube, z. B. Pural NF, Pural SB, ISO A2 fine, ISO A4 coarse, verschiedene Arten von TiO2 und anderen PulvernMassenstrom: ca. 0,2 – 90 g/m³ (abhängig von Pulvergröße und ‐dichte)
Inflow velocity 3 – 8.8 cm/s (others on request)
Differential pressure measurement 0 – 5,000 Pa
Test area of the medium 177 cm2
Aerosols Dusts (e. g. SAE dusts)
Compressed air supply 6 – 8 bar
Valve opening times 50 – 500 ms
Pressure for pulse jet cleaning Adjustable up to 6 barg


  • Standardized test in accordance with VDI 3926
  • Individual tests under close-to-real conditions as defined by the different process conditions, e.g. in the cement industry, in the wood-processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, in nuclear power plants and many other areas...


Brief Description
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Product Description
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