Fidas® 200 S

EN 16450 approved fine dust aerosol spectrometer for simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 in weatherproof cabinet for outdoor installation


Fidas® 200 S

EN 16450 approved fine dust aerosol spectrometer for simultaneous measurement of PM2.5 and PM10 in weatherproof cabinet for outdoor installation

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EN16450 certified measurement technology

Fidas® 200, as well as its functionally identical variations Fidas® 200 E and Fidas® 200 S, are optical single particle measuring devices that are type approved for simultaneous monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5 according to standards VDI 4202-1, VDI 4203-3, EN 12341, EN 14907, EN 16450, and the EU Equivalence Guide GDE and certified in compliance with standards EN 15267-1 and -2. Type approval declaration of the Fidas® 200 was published first in the German Federal Gazette BAnz AT 02nd April 2015 B5 in chapter IV, notification 14. The product conformity certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland and the German Federal Environmental Agency and the measuring system test report for the version Fidas® 200 S compiled by TÜV Rheinland are published at .

Cerification Palas Fidas 200 Systems Part1

Fig. 1: EN 15267 certificate for Fidas® 200

Beyond that, the fine dust measurement devices Fidas® 200 as well as Fidas® 200 E and Fidas® 200 S are also type approved and certified in the UK (Defra Approval) in compliance with the requirements of "MCERTS Performance Standards for CAMS" and "MCERTS for UK Particulate Matter." The respective MCERTS/DEFRA Approval certificate, as well as the test report , are publicly available.


Fig. 2: MCERTS/DEFRA Approval for Fidas® 200

Operating principle

The Fidas® 200 fine dust monitor uses the recognized measuring technique of optical light scattering according to ISO 21501-1 on the single particle and is equipped with an LED light source of high light intensity, high light stability, and long service life. The instrument's calibration can be easily and quickly checked and, if necessary, adjusted at any time, even when installed, using a monodisperse test aerosol.

The sampling system of the Fidas® 200 operates with a volume flow of approx. 0.3 m3/h.

It is equipped with a Sigma-2 sampling head according to VDI 2119, which enables representative sampling even in strong winds, as well as a drying section, which demonstrably prevents falsification of the measurement due to condensation effects at high humidity.

The Fidas® 200 fine dust monitor offers a wide range of communication options and allows complete remote control and remote maintenance of the systems as well as data access online via The supplied software offers a wide range of options for evaluation (including extensive statistics and mean value calculations) and for exporting measurement data.

Comparison measurements

Feinstaubmessgerät Fidas 200 S Messwerte 1

Fig. 3: PM10 reference equivalence function of the Fidas® 200 S in comparison with a reference small-filter device during suitability testing from the "Report on supplementary testing of the Fidas® 200 S respectively Fidas® 200 measuring system manufactured by Palas GmbH for the components suspended particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5, TÜV report no.: 936/21227195/B".

Multiple separation curves can be applied simultaneously to the same size distribution data, which allows simultaneous calculation and output of, e.g., PM10 and PM2.5 and other mass fractions.


The drying section (Intelligent Aerosol Drying System - IADS) is controlled based on the outside temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity. A weather station supplies these measured values; wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation can also be measured on request. A filter holder for planar filters (ø 47 mm or ø 50 mm) is integrated into the sampling system, which enables, for example, subsequent chemical analysis of the aerosol composition.


  • Type-approved and certified according to latest EN requirements (EN 15267)
  • Explicitly approved for outdoor installation, highly flexible application ranges
  • Continuous and simultaneous real-time measurement of multiple PM values
  • Additional information on the basis of particle number concentration
  • Adjustable time resolution from > 1 s to 24 h
  • Light source: LED with high stability and long lifetime
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • External check of calibration on site possible
  • Intuitive and easy to operate
  • Reliable function, very high data availability (> 99 %)
  • 2 pumps in parallel operation for additional operational safety due to redundancy
  • Permanent monitoring of status, among others online monitoring of calibration
  • Remote monitoring, maintenance and control easily possible
  • Cloud zone via Palas server for worldwide data retrieval
  • No radioactive material
  • No consumables
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduces your operating expenses


Measurement range (number CN) 0 – 20,000 particles/cm3
Size channels 64 (32/decade)
Measurement range (size) 0.18 – 18 µm (certified range, other measuring ranges on request)
Measuring principle Optical light scattering at single particles
Reported data PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP, CN, particle size distribution, ambient pressure, ambient temperature, rel. ambient humidity
Measurement range (mass) 0 – 10,000 µg/m3
Measurement uncertainty 9.7 % for PM2.5, 7.5 % for PM10 (expanded measurement uncertainty according to EN 16450, TÜV Report)
Volume flow 4.8 l/min ≙ 0.3 m3/h ± 3% (24h), complient with EN 16450
Time resolution 1 s – 24 h
Data acquisition Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Light source Long term stable LED
User interface Touchscreen, 800 • 480 pixel, 7" (17.78 cm)
Housing Weatherproof outdoor housing (IP 65)
Weight Control unit: 9.3 kg, sample head: 2.25 kg, sample tube: 4.5 kg
Operating system Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
Data logger storage Capacity for 2 years continuous operation at 60 s storage interval
Software PDAnalyze
Response time < 2 s
Installation conditions -20 – +50 °C (weatherproof)
Interfaces USB, Ethernet (LAN), RS-232, Wi-Fi
Protocols UIDEP, UDP, ASCII, MODBUS, Bayern-Hessen
Power supply 115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Sampling head Passive collector Sigma-2
Dimensions 1,810 • 600 • 400 mm (H • W • D)
Sampling system Drying of the aerosol by IADS (Intelligent Aerosol Drying System)
Noise emission < 70 dB(A)
Fuse T2A
Resolution 0.1 µg/m3
Power consumption Normal operation: 60 W, max. < 300 W

Case Studies

  • Regulatory pollution control in monitoring networks
  • Ambient air monitoring campaigns
  • Preliminary assessments (spot checks)
  • Long-term studies
  • Emission source attribution
  • Emission dispersion studies (e.g. fires, volcanoes)
  • Regulatory pollution control in monitoring networks
  • Ambient air monitoring campaigns
  • Long-term studies
  • Emission source attribution
  • Emission dispersion studies (e.g. fires, volcanoes)


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