Filter Test Rigs » GVT system

Filter testing for room air filters in accordance with EN 779:2012, ASHRAE 52.2 und ISO FDIS 16890


•    Testing of room air filters in accordance with EN779:2012

•    Testing of room air filters in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2

•    Testing of room air filters in accordance with ISO FDIS 16890

The main task of room air filters is to reduce the harmful fine dust in room air. In the future, the filter classes in ISO FDIS 16890 will be categorised as PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 separation efficiency.

With the Fidas® system, Palas® offers the only optical aerosol spectrometer certified in accordance with EN 12341:1998 and EN 14907:2005 for PM2.5 and PM10 measurements. The Palas® aerosol spectrometers Promo® is almost the same in the design as the certified Fidas® system and provide reliable PM values in filter testing.

With the GVT 3000 (General Ventilation Test System Upgrade), Palas® delivers all the components necessary for aerosol generation, aerosol measurement, measurement signal acquisition and test channel automation.

During pre-delivery acceptance testing and final inspection of the system, Palas® carries out the necessary tests that are required to provide clear proof of the function of the individual components.

Besides the GVT 3000 test rig upgrade for complete filters, with its MFP series , Palas® offers test systems for quality assurance and development in the Filter Media Test Rigs product group whose very good correlation of test results for complete filters have led them to be used worldwide for many years with great success.


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