Promo® 3000 HP

With automatic regulation of sampling volume flow by the aerosol sensors welas® under overpressure up to 10 bar or with heating regulation to 120 °C

Depending on the aerosol composition to be measured, i.e., the carrier gas component and the particle material, pressure and temperature changes in the carrier gas can significantly influence the particle size distribution, e.g., due to condensation or evaporation.

For this reason, the welas ® aerosol sensors welas ® 2070 HP, 2100 HP, 2200 HP, 2300 HP, and welas ® 2500 HP are equipped with a cuvette heatable up to 120 °C and pressure-tight up to 10 barg to ensure isobaric and isothermal sampling into the sensor's measurement volume.

The Promo® system is usually calibrated for the operating volume flow. As the operating volume flow changes with pressure and temperature, it is advantageous for the user if automatic volume flow regulation for the sampling volume flow is provided for in the device.

In the Promo® 3000 HP, the pressure and temperature of the carrier gas are measured, and the required operating volume flow is automatically set to 5 l/min.


  • Mass flow controller for volume flow regulation
  • Heating regulator up to 120 °C
  • Temperature sensor
  • Absolute pressure capsule
  • Filter unit to protect the flow rate control
Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Measuring range of 0.2 to 100 µm (4 measuring ranges selectable in one device)
  • Up to four measuring ranges in only one device:
    • 0,2 µm – 10 µm
    • 0,3 µm – 17 µm
    • 0,6 µm – 40 µm
    • 2 µm – 100 µm (additionally for sensors 2300 and 2500)
  • Up to 128 size channels per measuring range
  • Concentration range of 1 particle/cm3 to 106 particles/cm3
  • Calibration curves for different refractive indices
  • Very high and reproducible counting efficiency rate starting at 0.2 µm
  • Pressure-resistant up to 10 bar (optional)
  • Heatable to 250 °C (optional)
  • Optical fibre technology
  • Simple operation with a large touch display
  • Calibration, cleaning and lamp replacement can all be performed independently by the customer
  • External control by RS 232 or Ethernet
  • With analysis software PDAnalyze
  • Optional: Software PDControl for operation as welas® digital available
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable function
  • Reduces your operating expenses

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Emission monitoring of installations
  • Control of grinding and classification processes
  • Monitoring of production processes in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries
  • Testing of complete filters, inertial and wet separators or electrostatic precipitators
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Technical features

In detail

Measuring principle
Optical light-scattering
Measurement range (number C_N)
< 1 • 106 Partikel/cm3
Measurement range (size)
0.2 – 10 µm, 0.3 – 17 µm, 0.6 – 40 µm, 2 – 100 µm
Volume flow
5 l/min regulated by mass flow
Size channels
Max. 128 (64/decade)
Time resolution
≤ 1 s
USB, Ethernet (LAN), Wi-Fi, RS-232/485
User interface
Touchscreen, 800 • 480 pixel, 7" (17.78 cm)
Data logger storage
4 GB Compact Flash
PDControl, FTControl, PDAnalyze
Thermodynamic conditions
+10 – +120 °C, 2 – 10 barg
Data acquisition
Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Light source
Xenon arc lamp 35 W
Table housing, optional: with mounting brackets for rack-mounting
Support options
Direct remote access, Palas webserver service
Operating system
Windows embedded
Power supply
115 – 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
100 W
Installation conditions
+5 – +40 °C (control unit)
185 • 450 • 315 mm (H • W • D) (19")
Control unit: approx. 8 kg, sensor: approx. 2.8 kg

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