UGF 2000

Liquid nebulizer with binary nozzle and cyclone as per VDI 3491-1 and -2

The UGF 2000 aerosol generator can atomize liquids with a binary nozzle.

The UGF 2000 comprises an adjustable binary nozzle to adjust the desired mass flow and a cyclone. Unlike the AGF series, UGF 2000 has a cyclone with built-in control air. The control air is adjusted using a micrometer screw on a needle valve. By opening this valve, the aerosol concentration can be reduced by a factor of approx. 500 through the addition of control air. As a result, the generator is ideally suited for testing laminar flow boxes and clean rooms with low-volume flow.

Norms and certificates

National and international standards

VDI 2083 VDI 3491 ISO 14644

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • dpmax in MPPS-range = 0.1 – 0.3 µm
  • Known and reproducible particle size distribution using a cyclone
  • Constant particle rate
  • Low particle concentration
  • Long dosing time
  • Variable particle concentration by a factor of 500 through adjustment of the primary pressure and control air
  • Compact, light, portable
  • Easy handling and solid construction

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Clean room technology:
    • HEPA/ULPA filter test
    • Acceptance tests and leak tests as per ISO 14644 and VDI 2083
    • Laminar flow boxes
    • Recovery tests
  • Filter testing, quality control:
    • Filter cartridges, filter media, particulate air filters for low volume flows and small filter surfaces
  • Smoke detector tests
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Technical features

In detail

Volume flow
1 – 13 l/min
Mass flow (particles)
< 1.5 g/h (DEHS)
Filling quantity
70 ml
Particle material
DEHS, DOP, Emery 3004, paraffin oil, other non-resinous oils
Dosing time
> 24 h
Compressed air connection
Quick coupling
Aerosol outlet connection
Øinnen = 4 mm, Øaußen = 8 mm
270 • 200 • 175 mm
(H • W • D)
Approx. 4 kg

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Product Description

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