VKL System

Cascadable ejector dilution system for dilution factors of 10 – 1,000,000 also in overpressure up to 10 bar

Dilution system with a dilution factor of 1:10
Dilution system with dilution factor 1:100

The VKL series of dilution systems, according to the ejector principle, forms the basis for VDI guideline 3491 sheet 15.

The welas® VKL dilution systems are a classic among dilution systems, as they have been used worldwide since 1984. They are characterized by a particularly long service life and easy operation.

The VKL series of dilution systems deliver a temporally constant, representative dilution with the factors 10 and 100. They can easily be cascaded down to a dilution factor of 1:1,000,000.

On-site users can quickly validate the function of the cascaded VKL systems.

Depending on the application area, the VKL systems can be configured as pressure-resistant to 10 bar overpressure or made of stainless steel for aggressive aerosols.

The VKL systems can be combined with all common particle counters, i.e., for suction volume flows from the VKL step of approx. 0.03 l/min to 50 l/min.

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