VKL 10

Dilution system with a dilution factor of 1:10

The VKL 10 series of dilution systems can reduce the concentration of aerosols by the dilution factor 01:10, also of very highly concentrated aerosols, in a defined and reliable way.

The Palas® VKL, 10 dilution systems, are used in vertical operation for the particle size range up to 20 µm for powders and dusts. Dilution factors of up to 1:100,000 are achieved by cascading several VKL systems.

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • The dilution systems from Palas® are characterized unambiguously. This is documented with a calibration certificate for each device
  • The dilution steps deliver a temporally constant, representative dilution with the factors 10 and 100
  • The dilution systems can be cascaded with the factors 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000
  • Low compressed air consumption, e.g. just 128 l/min with a dilution factor of 10,000 with four VKL 10 systems
  • The dilution steps are combinable with all common particle counters
  • With a simple test set-up, the users can check these cascaded dilution systems.
  • Simple, functional test on-site

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Aerosol measurement technology: diesel exhaust gases, swarfs, coolant aerosols, weld smoke, oil droplets, test aerosols of filters, and inertial separators
  • Separation efficiency determination with counting measuring methods, e.g., with dust filters or HEPA/ULPA filters
  • Leak test and acceptance measurements of clean rooms, isolators, and safety work benches
  • Inhalation toxicology
  • Quality control of respirator masks and filter cartridges
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Technical features

In detail

Approx. 4 kg
Isokinetic suction nozzles
0,028 – 0,06 l/min, 0,23 – 0,5 l/min, 0,6 – 1,6 l/min, 2 – 5 l/min, 28 l/min => 15 – 37 l/min
Maximum particle size
< 20 µm (for dusts)
Volume flow (clean air)
18 – 45 l/min
Volume flow (suction flow)
2 – 5 l/min
Compressed air supply
4 – 8 bar
Dilution factor
1 : 10
Special features
100 • 245 • 100 mm (H • B • T)

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