FET 600

Test system for large filter elements up to a cross-sectional area of 610 • 610 mm

To reliably determine the quality and efficiency of filter elements, it is crucial to test energy consumption (pressure drop), loading, particle separation efficiency, and total penetration.

Accurate measurement requires adaptation of the test channel with regard to flow guidance and aerosol distribution to the size of the filter elements.

Palas has over 40 years of experience in filter testing and continuously develops test rigs of the highest quality to meet various requirements.

The FET 600 enables defined testing of filter elements up to 610 • 610 mm, such as ventilation filters, HEPA/ULPA filters, hoover end filters, and car cabin filters.

Designed for optimum flow guidance, the channel can also use adapters for smaller filter elements.

Coarse filters up to ULPA filters are tested for separation via particle size and differential pressure. The FET 600 measures better than the standards require:

  • ISO 29463-5 HEPA filter elements
  • ISO 16890 room air filters

Thanks to individual adapters and customer-specific adaptations in the air duct, the FET system can be used for a wide variety of filter elements.

Norms and certificates

National and international standards

ISO 29463-5 ISO 16890

Operation principle

Your special advantages

  • Accurate, versatile testing
    • Measurement according to ISO 29463-5, as well as ISO 16890 (ISO ePM1; ISO ePM2.5), possible in one channel
    • Use of measurement technology in FET 100 and FET 300; dual channels on request
    • Extensive range of applications for separation efficiency measurement from 0.02 to 3 µm
  • Flexibility and ease of use
    • Customization of filter adapters, flow channel, and measuring ranges possible for optimal test performance
    • Modular compact design for big filter elements, low space requirement
    • Horizontal design for minimization of particle losses
    • Calibration of raw gas/pure gas is not necessary because only one sampling and one measuring device is used
  • Safety
    • Logged results based on relevant standards
    • Factory-tested and calibrated test stands

Individual solutions for various industries

  • Development
  • Quality control for
    • Cabin filters
    • HEPA/ULPA clean room filters
    • Cabin air filters
    • Engine air filters
    • Compressor supply air filters
  • Measurement of MPPS according to ISO 29463-5
  • Measurement of the fractional separation efficiency according to ISO 16890
  • Determination of the pressure loss at different volume flows
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Technical features

In detail

Dusts (e.g., SAE dusts), salts (e.g., NaCl, KCl), liquid aerosols (e.g., DEHS), latex particles (PSL)
Measuring range (total penetration)
Up to 0.0005 %
Measurement range (size)
0.02 – 100 µm
Volume flow
40 – 1,500 m3/h -pressurized operation
Differential pressure measurement
0 – 1,200 Pa selectable, 0 – 2,500 Pa selectable, 0 – 5,000 Pa selectable
Size filter element
610 • 610 • 610 mm  (H • W • D)

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Product Description

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